Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin-Lens 2D/3D Full HD Camcorder User's Manual Guide


Free download Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin-Lens 2D/3D Full HD Camcorder User's Manual Guide / Instruction Manual / Owner's Manual in PDF.

Professional-Quality in compact size, this lightweight Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Twin-Lens 2D/3D handheld Full HD camcorder employs two new, large-diameter F1.5 lenses and two high-sensitivity 3MOS sensors are independently mounted left and right, and the newly developed Crystal Engine Pro II provides high-speed processing. This system records extremely lifelike FULL HD 3D images. Naturally, the 3MOS System provides same effects for 2D, achieving precise and sharp 2D image quality in combination with progressive recording.

The double 3MOS sensors provides a resolution of 6.57 million effective motion image pixels (2.19 million x 3). With their excellent color reproduction and strong low-light shooting capability, these 3MOS sensors maximize the quality of FULL HD 3D and Full-HD progressive images.

The newly developed, ultra-high-speed Crystal Engine Pro II performs high-speed processing of the 4K2K-equivalent pixels that are obtained with pixel shift technology, superb Full-HD image quality is achieved even in detailed images. The improved processing capability also provides dramatic noise reduction effects, to achieve clear, high-quality 2D and 3D images.

New large-diameter F1.5 lenses are mounted independently, left and right. A Nano Surface Coating is applied to the front lens surface for the first time on a camcorder. These advanced lens systems suppress ghosts and flaring when shooting moving pictures, and let you record bright images with very little noise even in dark places.

A wide range of shooting situations are covered by this versatile lens, from 32mm wide-angle shooting (29.8mm for 2D shooting) to 10x optical zooming (12x for 2D shooting, 23x for shooting with Intelligent Zoom). This greatly extends the range of uses, from shooting in tight places to situations where you and the subject are far apart.

The lens width of the right and left lenses forms a 42-mm stereoscopic structure, and unique O.I.S. technology is used to optimize the optical axes of the lenses. This achieves the industry's No. 1 close-ups of approximately 45cm (18") for macro shooting, while maintaining an equivalent 32mm wide angle of view. It records images that were conventionally difficult to capture, such as flowers, food and small animals, with 3D close-ups and clear detail.

1080/60p (50p @ PAL) recording conveys about twice the information of 1080i (interlace) recording. Fast-moving subjects, such as in sports scenes, are smoothly recorded. The progressive recording of the HDC-Z10000 fully complies with the new AVCHD Progressive standard.

Three independent manual rings simplify fine tuning for the focus, zoom, and iris to create precisely the intended image, and a dedicated dial lets the user finely adjust 3D convergence (parallax). Functions that are frequently used for recording, such as O.I.S. ON/OFF, Color Bar ON/OFF, Zebra Pattern Display, 3D Guide Display, Auto/Manual Iris, Auto/Manual Auto Focus, and Auto/Manual White Balance are also arranged on the side of the body as separate buttons to enable quick, intuitive operation.

In addition to built-in microphones for recording Dolby Digital 5.1-channel surround sound/2-channel stereo, the HDC-Z10000 features two XLR audio inputs with a 48-V phantom power supply for external microphone use. Clear audio is recorded with minimal noise. Uncompressed Linear PCM (2-channel only) is also supported for recording original sounds with extremely high fidelity.

The HDC-Z10000 delivers a level of image quality that rivals other professional integrated twin-lens 3D cameras while dramatically reducing both size and weight. It is very easy to carry around and offers superb mobility in tight, indoor locations.

Panasonic HDC-Z10000

Key Features of Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Full HD Camcorder:

  • Double 3MOS Sensor (3.05 megapixels 1/4.1" MOS Sensor x 3 x 2 )
  • Crystal Engine Pro II
  • 12x (2D) / 10x (3D) Optical Zoom
  • 29.8mm (2D) / 32.0mm (3D) F1.5 Wide Angle Lens with Nano Surface Coating
  • Broadcasting professional-quality 2D and 3D images
  • 1080/60p (50p) Recording
  • AVCHD 3D/Progressive compliant recording
  • A wide range of manual functions, such as triple manual rings, for professional use
  • 3D Macro Close-ups to 45cm (18")
  • Auto & Manual Convergence Adjustment
  • Dual XLR Inputs
  • Linear PCM Recording
  • 5.1ch Surround Sound System
  • 3D Convergence Control
  • 8.8cm(3.5”) 3D-Compatible Wide LCD (1,152,000dots)
  • 11.5mm(0.45”) Color Viewfinder (1,226,880 dots)
  • Independent Control Buttons / Function Memory
  • Dual SD Card Slot
  • Multi Format Recording
  • Sophisticated Image Tuning
  • Custom Scene Function
  • Compact, Lightweight Body
  • HYBRID O.I.S. +
  • iA (Intelligent Auto)
  • Quick Power-On / Quick-Start
  • 2D/3D Still Picture Recording

Free Download Panasonic HDC-Z10000 Full HD Camcorder Operating Instruction Guide / Owner's Manual / User's Manual (PDF Format):

Panasonic HDC-Z10000 User's Manual (PDF)

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